Annual Juried Ars Nova Dick Blick Show



Annual Juried Ars Nova Dick Blick Show


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Green Pink Caviar by Marilyn Minter. 





Dearest, please don’t torment me! Please! No letter even today, Saturday - today, when I felt sure it would come, as sure as day follows night. But who insisted on a whole letter? Just two lines, a greeting, an envelope, a card! After four letters (this is the fifth) I haven’t a single word from you. Shame, this isn’t right. How am I to get through these endless days - work, talk, and whatever else is expected of me? Perhaps nothing had happened, you just haven’t had the time, rehearsals or conferences about the play may have prevented you, but please tell me, who in the world could prevent you from going over to a small table, picking up a pencil, writing ‘Felice’ on a scrap of paper, and sending it to me?
Franz Kafka - Letters to Felice (via lucjanlocke)
little dark girl with kind eyes when it comes time to use the knife I won’t flinch and I won’t blame you, as I drive along the shore alone as the palms wave, the ugly heavy palms, as the living does not arrive as the dead do not leave, I won’t blame you, instead I will remember the kisses our lips raw with love and how you gave me everything you had and how I offered you what was left of me, and I will remember your small room the feel of you the light in the window your records your books our morning coffee our noons our nights our bodies spilled together sleeping the tiny flowing currents immediate and forever your leg my leg your arm my arm your smile and the warmth of you who made me laugh again. little dark girl with kind eyes you have no knife. the knife is mine and I won’t use it yet.
Martin, you can be honest
with me if you want to,
but I don’t want all your devils to hold me
and haunt me.
‘Cause I have a love
for you that’s absurd.
Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s (via thehugpoem)
Things used to be. Now they’re not. Anything but us is who we are. Disguising ourselves as secret lovers, we’ve become public enemies. We walk away like strangers in the street. Gone for eternity, we erase one another. No phone calls. No sweet text messages. We are mere specs of particles, floating, unknown to our partners’ existence. So far from where we came from. With so much of everything, how do we leave with nothing? Lack of visual empathy equates to the meaning of L.O.V.E. Hatred and attitude tear us entirely. We meet at opposite poles and no longer can we bond like love birds to a song or flowers to a Daisy. The air smells of rotten love and burned hearts. We have trashed our overcooked love that now accompanies the bin of deceit. Don’t turn around. Continue walking away. Disappear into that darkness that rests upon your gritty shoulders. Let that dark cloud follow you wherever you go. So long ex-lover. Farewell.
Your Bitter is my Sweet- Chloe Mitchell (via papipedr0)
It is necessary to fall in love, if only to provide an alibi for all the random despair you are going to feel anyway
Albert Camus (via loqui)
“There exists, for everyone, a sentence - a series of words - that has the power to destroy you. Another sentence exists, another series of words, that could heal you. If you’re lucky you will get the second, but you can be certain of getting the first.”
― Philip K. Dick, VALIS
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